Will.I.Am Shows Some Bad Manners Cursing On U.K. TV



Planetary superstar Will.I.Am showed some pretty bad manners on Saturday night, March 29th, after cursing in a live broadcast of Britain’s show The Voice.

The Black Eyed Peas producer, singer and rapper, who also acted as a coach to talented people on the U.K. show, became seemingly overwhelmed by the passionate performance of a contestant Lee Glasson. The star said, “I’ve never seen anyone strangle the microphone like that before. You were really feeling that s**t.”

After realising what he had just said, he immediately clasped his hands over his sinful mouth. The host, beautiful Emma Willis had improvised and quickly apologised to the audience.

She said, “We know that Will has been very well behaved for three series and a word did slip out. So I apologise on Will’s behalf and hope no-one has taken offence.”

He immediately said, “I’m sorry,” and sat down.

Then Emma turned to Will. “Are you all right?” she asked him.

“No,” he said. “My mum just texted and she’s upset.”

Fortunately for the show, it appears that nobody did. The only possible exception of the rapper’s mother, if his subsequent tweet was anything to go by.

Soon after that, Will.I.Am revealed that his mother sent him a text criticising him for using bad language on live broadcast.

The judge respectively tweeted after the incident, “Oops…my moms ganna kill me…I slipped…”

“I’m sorry for saying #sh!+ on TV…#ooops….i didn’t mean to offend anyone for the use of day to day language on Telly…”

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