Warwick Davis Starts comedy Show With Family



British actor Warwick Davis and his family, will kick off a new comedy, reality show on the road.

The Harry Potter’ actor will travel around and explore Britain’s holiday destinations with his family.

His entourage will include his wife Samantha and their children, 17-year old Annabelle, and 11-year old Harrison. They all have dwarfism.

They will wander around the country in a camper van in the hope to provide a clearer image of how it is to live with dwarfism.

Warwick also tries to convince them of all the benefits of holidaying near home. They will visit some of Britain’s most famous holiday spots, camping, caravanning or staying in their campervan.

Warwick’s wife Samantha wasn’t pleased with the idea, but said, “The more I thought about it the more I thought, ‘Maybe we should’. Partly to give the kids a big adventure, and partly to make a point about what it means to be us. I think sometimes people think little people like us are restricted. I hope they watch us charging about like lunatics in our camper van and think again.”

Davis had a blast doing the show. His advice? “Do not have any expectations – don’t plan anything. Just say you’re going to go there, go there, and start doing stuff,” he says, “an itinerary leads to disappointment – the expectations are high. Nothing will ever be as good as you think it will. But if you just go with the flow, you’ll always be delighted.”

The show named Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis will air on April 11th in the U.K.

Warwick’s previous reality experience was in Ricky Gervais’ travel show named an Idiot Abroad.

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