UK vs US – Who Has the Hotter Actors?



In the battle of the big guys, who will win?

It’s the UK vs the US in a five-a-side battle; who really has the hottest actors?

In the British corner we have:

A plethora of accented, sultry, stylish guys who will take your hand and melt your heart with poetic words.

Who doesn’t swoon at the sight of…

1. Bad boy Colin Farrell

Star of Daredevil and Total Recall, who can resist his Irish charms?

2. Funny man Russell Brand

He’s got that dashing pirate look down to a tee and says what he thinks. Well, they do say laughter is the best medicine.

3. The charms of Henry Cavill

Super British superman can whisk us away any time he likes.

4. The boyish smile of Orlando Bloom

Sexy smile, beautiful eyes and newly single? Grab your coat Bloom, you’ve pulled!

5. Sexy Magic Mike star Alex Pettyfer?

From Stormbreaker to Magic Mike, Alex has grown into one fine looking lad.

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