Tulisa Contostavlos Pleaded Not Guilty For Festival Assault



Don’t you just hate when you attend a music festival and the main star suddenly attacks you? If you do, you might want to avoid being near pop star Tulisa Contostavlos. The pop star appeared before the court due to accusations for attacking a man at a music festival.

Namely, Tulisa was accused of beating up celebrity blogger Vas Morgan at the…wait; she actually beat a guy? Never mind; the celebrity blogger was attacked at the V Festival in south-east England in August last year by Tulisa.

Morgan wrote in his testify, “As I was leaving at about 12.30 am I noticed Tulisa charging toward me in a drunken and angry state, ‘Stop following me bruv, this is the end of your journey step back.’ I calmly explained that we were both clearly walking to the same exit and that I wasn’t following her. Tulisa then punched me in the eye and continued hurling abusive threats…”

During the appearance at Chelmsford Magistrate’s Court today, Tulisa pleaded not guilty.

Contostavlos is released after paying bail, and her trial is scheduled to start in May.

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