Top 5 Doctors Who Assistants Ever – Step Into The TARDIS



As the 13th Doctor, Matt Smith, prepares to hang up his bow tie this Christmas

Let’s take a look at the ever changing cast of loyal assistants that the Time Lord has enjoyed during his lengthy reign across the galaxy

5. Jo Grant (played by Katy Manning, 1971-3)

Jo Grant was the perfect assistant for the third Doctor, John Pertwee. The clumsy UNIT operative Jo was arguably one of the warmest Doctor Who assistants to date.

4. Ace (played by Sophie Aldred, 1988-9)

Probably the first assistant to become a character in her own right, watching Ace fight her personal demons added a never-seen-before depth to the famous role.

3. Donna Noble (played by Catherine Tate, 2008)

Comedian Catherine Tate really wowed audiences as assistant Donna Nobel; her character growth from self-absorbed and childish to strong and mature gave another new dimension to the role.

Donna sadly parted ways with the Doctor, as her memory had to be wiped, inducing many a tear from fans everywhere.

2. Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan 2010-12)

Karen Gillan took on the coveted assistant role amid much controversy as Matt Smith was crowned the 13th Doctor.

Although some fans might disagree, Karen’s amazing portrayal of Amy Pond made Matt’s transition into the famous role much easier.

1. Sarah Jane Smith (played by Elisabeth Sladen 1973-6, 2006, 2008)

Elisabeth Sladen, who sadly died in April 2011, was arguably the best companion to the Doctor ever.

The fact that she returned to the small screen in her own Dr Who spin-off many years later awarded the intrepid journalist with the number one spot.

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