Tom Hardy Terrified Of Singing



Actor Tom Hardy says he is scared about portraying Sir Elton John in a new biopic. He says the reason for his fear is his terrible singing voice.

He will be portraying Elton in Rocketman, a new detailed film about the singer’s life after he left rehab clinic in 1990.

Tom fears he will not satisfy the audience unless he learns how to sing, which is the most important aspect of him portraying the legendary singer.

He told the Wall Street Journal,

“(I will have to sing) otherwise I’ll have probably failed, right? But that’s terrifying me. I can’t hold a tune to save my life. God knows how I’m going to do that.”

“But then I couldn’t cage fight before I’d gotten in with (2011 fighting film) Warrior. And I still can’t. I’m not supposed to be a cage fighter. I’m only playing one.”

Tom, however, is no stranger to working out of his comfort zone. His latest movie was filmed all in one take.

He portrayed Ivan Locke, a construction foreman on a journey on the eve of one of the biggest moments in his career. Hardy filmed the movie 16 times in its entirety before director Steven Knight chose the final cut.

“All the actors apart from Tom were in a hotel conference room near to the motorway,” Knight told “We had a phone line open. It was a real phone line into the car. Tom was on the back of a low-loader truck.”

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