Tom Fletcher Made Time-Lapse Video Of His Wife’s Pregnancy



Pop star, Tom Fletcher seems to be a great husband. He recorded his pregnant wife every day for nine months so he could produce a touching short movie.


The singer became a first-time father last week. His wife Giovanna gave birth to their son Buzz.


The couple put together all the footages during the pregnancy to make a video titled, From Bump to Buzz. The video includes images of Giovanna every single day for nine months, featuring Fletcher singing a new song “Something New.” Interestingly, Tom wrote the song specifically for the project.

At the end of the movie, Giovanna walks into the room carrying a bundle in her arms, after what their week-old son appears before the viewers.

Tom recently revealed, on Instagram, “Having a baby makes you the most happy AND most tired you’ll ever feel…at the same time…like this.”

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