The Veggie Style: 12 Celebrities Who Don’t Do Meat



1. Paul McCartney

It may be stating the obvious but you’ve got to start somewhere, so we’re starting with Paul McCartney, former member of The Beatles, Wings and international global superstar . . . who is a vegetarian.

2. Victoria Wood

Might not be quite so obvious but this popular comedienne, screenwriter, actress and singer is also proud to be veggie.

3. Leona Lewis

One of the most prolific X factor winners, at least until One Direction came along, oh hang on, they didn’t even win! Anyhow, Leona Lewis is a vegetarian and quite a prominent campaigner for animal rights . . . Go get ‘em Leona.

4. Joanna Lumley

So that’s her secret to eternal youth and beauty! Actress, activist, voice-over artist and everybody’s favourite “posh bird” is vegetarian.

5. Stella McCartney

This famous fashion designer is also a vegetarian, but then again it probably runs in the family.

6. Michaela Strachan

This popular bubbly TV presenter is proud to be vegetarian, but then again she does make an awful lot of animal programmes.

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