The Stranglers Believe They Are Victims Of Occult Organisation



British punk stars, The Stranglers believe their work on an alien-themed album, which included experimenting with drugs, was disrupted by a sinister secret organisation.

Not sure if a marketing trick or serious paranoia, but anyways, it’s quite hard to believe.

Their fifth record, The Gospel According to The Meninblack focuses on conspiracy theories and extra-terrestrial encounters. The band members claim such encounters were occurring during a period while they were taking heroin.

However, a plague of accidents and disasters during the making of the record made the musicians quite paranoid, as the drummer Jet Black, revealed to The Guardian newspaper, “We were making an album called The Meninblack, which was based on this phenomenon back then known only to a small coterie of UFO obsessives – that people who saw UFOs were visited by strange people wearing black to shut them up. Anyway, as soon as we started making the album, studios blew up, tour buses broke down and gigs became riots. People working for us dropped dead. We were convinced something occult was going on.”


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