The Inbetweeners: What Is The Cast Up To Now?



We all remember the British sitcom The Inbetweeners which followed the life of Will McKenzie and his three quirky friends through sixth form. The series won the award for Outstanding Contribution to British Comedy, but where are the stars now? Well, let’s see together.

At the moment he’s recording the Inbetweeners Movie 2, which is scheduled for release in late 2014.

1. Joe Thomas

Like Simon, Joe became famous for his role of Will’s best friend, Simon Cooper. Additionally, Joe appeared in TV series Threesome as a teacher, in Chickens with Simon, playing George Wright and as Kingsley Owen in the Channel 4 comedy-drama series Fresh Meat. He’s also performing in the upcoming movie with his old crew.

2. James Buckley

James Buckley hasn’t done much since The Inbetweeners, where he played Jay Cartwright. He appeared in Charlie Countryman which received negative reviews.

At the moment, James is doing the same thing as the rest of his fellow colleagues. He’s also finishing a movie Site 146, which is scheduled for late 2014.

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