Thandie Newton Takes A Break From Acting



British actress Thandie Newton will take a break from her acting career to focus on motherhood. This Crash star welcomed her third child, son named Baker, with her husband Ol Parker in March.

She decided it would be best for her family if she could concentrate on caring for the baby boy, as well as for her two other daughters, Ripley, a 13-year old and Nico, a nine-year old.

Newton told British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, “I’m on time off now. I will be until something comes along that’s really arresting.”

Newton married English writer, director and producer Ol Parker in 1998. Her daughters were named after the character Ellen Ripley in the Alien films and the singer Nico.

Newton had home births with all three of her children.

In 2006, Newton contributed a foreword to We Wish: Hopes and Dreams of Cornwall’s Children, a book of children’s writing published in aid of the NSPCC. In it, she writes about her childhood memories of growing up in Cornwall and the way in which the county’s cultural heritage made it easy for her to “enrich every situation with layers of magic and meaning.”

In 2008, Newton visited poverty-stricken Mali, after describing it as a “humbling experience.” She visited the village of Nampasso in the Ségou Region of the country.

She swapped her BMW X5 for a Toyota Prius after protesters bombarded the car with eggs at the gates of her daughters’ school.

She then wrote to her celeb friends, asking them to join her in switching to more environmentally aware cars.

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