Terry Gilliam’s Wife Considers Monty Python Reunion An Embarrassment



Terry Gilliam’s wife has recently received “embarrassing” news when she found out about her husband’s plans. No, it’s not a divorce. Namely, Terry Gilliam’s planning to reunite with his Monty Python comedy fellas, but she finds the reunion to be an embarrassment.

A series of stage shows for the summer 2014 are already being prepared in London, and it will be the first time in 30 years that the veteran comedians are working together.

However, Gilliam said that his significant other, Maggie Weston, isn’t amused by the idea at all.
“What the hell do you think you are doing, you old farts? It’s going to be an embarrassing shambles,” Terry said to Britain’s Saga magazine about the phone call he received when his wife found out.

Gilliam became famous for his role as Patsy from several of the Monty Python movies, where he performed along with John Cleese and Eric Idle.

He recently said, “Don’t worry, it will go bad at some point, I hope so because when it went bad when we were doing the shows it produced interesting moments.”

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