Terry Gilliam Reveals The Conditions On Set



Terry Gilliam revealed it was an absolute nightmare to work his latest movie The Zero Theorem due to poor conditions on set. The movie’s storyline centres an isolated computer programmer who’s trying to determine whether life has any meaning, using a mathematical formula.

After Terry met Christoph Waltz at an awards ceremony, it became clear for the director that Waltz is the perfect actor for the role. However, Waltz’s hectic schedule forced Terry to rush production and to finish everything within a month.

Thereby, the cast and crew were forced to work long hours in order to complete the production in time.

Terry told The Independent newspaper, “It was a nightmare. We had 36 days – after that, Christoph was gone. That was the end of it. We had a short preparation time, and didn’t have the money I needed. Towards the end we shot for eight days straight and people were falling asleep on the set. It was horrible.”

Talking about his latest big-budget movie, Gilliam said “The Zero Theorem is a very unique film that I’m especially proud of, so it is a relief to be distributed by a company that is not afraid to push the boundaries.”

The Zero Theorem will be released in late summer.

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