Susan Boyle Amazes America On First Ever World Tour



Britain’s Got Talent wonder Susan Boyle wowed American audiences on her extremely successful first ever world tour.

The 53-year-old singer kicked off her US tour in California on Wednesday night, telling fans: “Not bad for a wee girl from Scotland, is it?”

She started the show – which features 28 songs – with her own hit, Out Here on My Own. Other songs that she performed were Somewhere over the Rainbow, The Winner Takes It All, You Raise Me Up and Oh Happy Days.

Since everything was so perfect, it was somewhat a surprise to learn that Su-Bo was feeling rather ill.

“Typical, the day I open the tour I wake up with a sore throat. But we British people carry on. As you can hear I have a bad throat so I would appreciate your help tonight.”

Her final song was I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables, but before she started singing, she said:

“The song I’m about to sing got me in a whole lot of trouble.” And worldwide fame.

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