Stephen Fry’s 12 Most Memorable Moments



Stephen Fry’s quite an intelligent guy and one of Britain’s greatest comedians. Through nine seasons of the QI game panel show, he’s had some pretty memorable moments. But he also had the same flashes of brilliance outside of the show.

1. Invention of Socialism

After Danny Baker stated if a person can lick their own elbow, then they will be immortal, Stephen took it to a whole new level replying, “But isn’t that how socialism was invented, that someone said, ‘Come, let us lick each other’s elbows?’” Well, not actually Stephen, but it’s still a thought-provoking statement, we must admit.

2. Ex-Gay Therapist Interview

Stephen is one of those guys you wouldn’t like to face in a debate. And that’s exactly what “gay therapist” Dr Joseph Nicolosi learned the hard way. In an interview, Joseph claimed that homosexuality is rooted in a father’s failure to deliver the “three A’s: attention, affection, approval”. To this Fry replied, “So, what you’re seeing in a guy is a mirror of things you lack.” The doctor replied confusedly, but his argument was over.

3. Stephen Fry and Bear Grylls

As part of the new Channel 4 show, Stephen will accompany Grylls in the treacherous Italian Dolomites. Fry said, “I hope I might let go of some inner demon that has been with me ever since I was a tiny child when I was afraid of sports and afraid of physical activity. My hope is that I will be a little bit more proud of myself at the end of it and at least feel that I’ve accomplished something.” Well, good luck Fry, and knowing Grylls, you’ll need some.

4. Discussing The Bible

In a QI episode, Alan Davies and Fry were discussing the possibility of receiving xenotransplanted organs from pigs. During the discussion, Fry referred to the Bible saying, “It’s in the Bible”, to what Alan replied that he hasn’t read it. “You should—it’s hilarious,” replied Fry, making it one of the most memorable moments of the show.

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