Stephen Fry Is Back To Work



British actor Stephen Fry has come back to work on hit TV show 24 after his hospitalization.

He spent nearly a week in a hospital, under medical care in April. He was admitted to hospital after suffering from a painful skin illness called cellulitis.

Fry was discharged on April 7. He also confirmed he is now feeling better and fit enough to come back to production on Kiefer Sutherland’s action drama 24. It is filming in London, England.

He posted a picture of a chair with his name and the 24 logo on Monday, April 14.

The caption says, “Shame to be shooting inside on such a glorious day… Jack is back… 24.”

He plays British Prime Minister.

Did you know that Fry has a long-standing interest in Internet production, including having his own website since 1997?

His current site, The New Adventures of Mr Stephen Fry, has existed since 2002 and has attracted many visitors following his first blog in September 2007, which comprised a 6,500-word “blessay” on smartphones.

In February 2008, Fry launched his private podcast series, Stephen Fry’s Podgrams, and a forum, including discussions on depression and activities in which Fry is involved.

The website content is created by Stephen Fry himself and produced by Andrew Sampson. Stephen Fry’s weekly gadget column Dork Talk appeared in The Guardian from November 2007 to October 2008.

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