Smith Addresses Sexuality In New Video



The English singer and songwriter Sam Smith released a heart-breaking video in which he appears to address his own sexuality.

The Money on my Mind hitmaker rose to fame in 2012 when he featured on Latch, a breakthrough single of the English electronic music duo Disclosure.

Now, he has shared the promo for his new video on Thursday (21May14) which deals with some very emotional and touching issues.

The video is for the new single Leave Your Lover which is concerned with the story behind a love triangle.  Luke Monaghan directed the video that features Smith’s close relationship with two friends.

As the story goes, we learn than one of them has different plans, which leaves our protagonist alone and miserable.

The video stars Smith, UK model Daisy Lowe and another male as they paint the town red while constantly flirting with each other.

Smith expresses his feelings, ‘’ We sit in bars and raise our drinks to growing old/ I’m in love with you and you will never know/ But if I can’t have you I’ll walk this life alone/ Spare you the rising storms and let the river flow/ You’ll never know the endless nights/ The rhyming of the rain/ Or how it feels to fall behind and watch you call his name.

As the video progresses, he wants someone to leave their lover for him and that’s when we realize Smith isn’t talking about Lowe’s character, but the other male in the video.

The 21-year-old BRIT Award winner recently denied reports he was dating Lowe, stating: ‘’ No, she’s not (my girlfriend). Daisy is one of my closest friends at the moment.

She is lovely. I love her to bits. She is the most beautiful thing in the world as well. She is one of my closest friends.”

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