Sinead O’Connor Goes Vamp



Irish singer Sinead O’Connor underwent a dramatic makeover for the purpose of promoting her newest album.

The singer shared a photo to announce the upcoming release of her next album, I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss, and her new look amazed her fans.

In the photograph, she is wearing a black wig, heavy make-up and a skin-tight rubber gown. This came as a surprise and shocked her fans as they are all used to her shorn-head look and casual attire.

The star said the album was inspired by Nan Bossy, a viral campaign launched by executive Sheryl Sandberg. It was created to encourage women to take charge business.

In a post on her website, the singer wrote, “Just a note to explain the title of my forthcoming album IS taken from Sheryl Sandberg’s Ban Bossy campaign.

Originally I had a different title, The Vishnu Room, but a few months back when I saw the phrase ‘I’m not bossy, I’m the boss’ and became aware of the Ban Bossy campaign, I wished I could re-name the album, since indeed it can be tricky being a female boss and I think Sheryl’s campaign is a terribly important one.

Although the album sleeve with its original title is printed, she says her record company received new promo shots featuring the singer in a PVC dress and a black wig and asked if they could use it instead. This gave her the opportunity to change the record title.

The first single, to be released on the same day as the album, will be Take Me to Church.

The album will be released in August 2014.


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