Simon Cowell’s 7 Most Barefaced Comments



We’re all familiar with the music mogul Simon and his comments on amateur performances in the TV show X-Factor. Well, there’s a thin line between pure insult and Simon’s commentary, but he’s definitely the master of such observations. We bring you some of his most famous comments, often bizarre, but funny at the same time.

1. Rocker Doing Partridge Family

Even though Paula told Constantine Maroulis that he has a great sense of making a show, Simon announced a little different opinion saying, “I thought it was an odd fit: The rocker doing the Partridge family… It would be rather like ordering a guard dog for your home and getting delivered a poodle in a leather jacket. It’s not the real thing.”

2. God’s Return Policy

This time, Simon went fully religious. This was one of his greatest remarks, “Does God have a return policy? If he gave me that voice, I’d give it back.” Maybe the candidate was more of a Darwin type of a person?

3. Anno 13 AC

“If you had lived 2,000 years ago and sung like that, I think they would have stoned you.” We must admit we laughed more than we should have to this. But it’s simply brilliant. Well, maybe not that brilliant for the guy it was said to.

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