Sienna Miller Launches A Humane Campaign



British actress, Sienna Miller, has recently launched a humane campaign to help communities around the globe in the events of major natural disasters.

Actress, the ambassador for the International Medical Corps, was backing a project in London on Wednesday, March 19th. The main concept of her campaign is to train and support people living in vulnerable regions.

The Alfie star advocated the importance of training communities in those disaster zones in order to “help themselves” when in need, and to be able to act quickly to save lives.

She explained, “My role is to raise awareness because ultimately we are all first responders and we have to support those on the frontlines. We’re here today, and throughout 2014, to celebrate the unsung heroes who respond to global disasters every day. We’re asking people, and especially young people, across Europe to pledge their support.”

The International Medical Corps, is an organization that provides life-saving supplies, equipment and experts to regions hit by disasters. In 2010 they have helped people struck by the earthquake in Haiti.

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