Sandford Says Her Baby Is Winning Depression Battle For Her



British pop star Frankie Sandford is winning her struggle with depression thanks to her baby boy.

‘The Saturdays’ singer was in a clinic in 2011, after she has sought treatment for depression. She feared the unwanted state of mind would return when she found out she was pregnant in 2013.

Sandford is, however, delighted to find motherhood is going well and it has the opposite effect on her. She also credits her six-month old son Parker for feeling better now.

She was asked if she feared she would have post-natal depression by British magazine Fabulous, when she answered,

“Yeah, I was so paranoid. I assumed that I would, but luckily I didn’t. It’s been a big relief. I can see how it happens – all of a sudden you realise that this little life is relying on you, and that’s quite a big deal…”

“I’ve got another purpose to life now. It’s not just me. I want to be happy for Parker, I don’t want to be down around him. It doesn’t mean he’s cured me or anything, but it gives me something else to think about.”

The Saturdays have had huge success, releasing sixteen singles, of which thirteen have reached the Top 10 on the UK Singles Chart, including one UK number-one single, “What About Us”.

Furthermore, the group has had four Top 10 albums on the UK Albums Chart, which have all gained a certification from the British Phonographic Industry.

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