Russel Brand Advocates Decriminalization Of Drugs In USA



British actor and funny man Russel Brand, takes a controversial step during his speech at a United Nations panel in Vienna, Austria on Wednesday, March 19th.

Famous actor and also a former drug addict who has been very loud about his drug experiences in the past. Also, he appeared on numerous TV shows explaining the need for a change in drug laws.

He’s advocated decriminalization of drugs and presented his point of view to the United Nations commission on Narcotic Drugs. Furthermore, he’s backing the Support, Don’t Punish campaign which tries to change the way drug addicts are treated. Their maxima is to help rather than treat addicts like criminals. Russel is also pushing forward a global consensus on how drugs should be dealt with.

He explains, “Nobody at all is helped by drugs being made illegal, unless of course there is a conspiracy to marginalise, condemn and persecute disenfranchised members of our global community. I’d hate to think that was the situation – that certain countries didn’t matter, that certain classes didn’t matter, that certain races didn’t matter.”

“So unless that’s the situation there’s literally no reason to proceed with this experiment of prohibition which has lasted for a century, that has done nothing but bring death, suffering, crime, created a negative economy, and deaths all over Mexico, deaths all over Malaysia, unnecessary death penalties.”

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