Rolling Stones’ Former Manager Dies at 80



Many people might not be aware of who exactly Prince Rupert Loewenstein is, but he is a very important person in the history of rock and roll. Loewenstein is not only the former manager of The Rolling Stones, he is the person that actually saved the band from falling apart in the 1960s.

The end of the 1960s was a very trying time for the band that not many casual fans are aware of. Brian Jones had just died, Altamont had occurred, and both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were sentenced to time in prison.

Many say that if it was not for Loewenstein, they band would have been done at that point. Loewenstein was a real prince, this was not a title handed down to him. He was born a royal in Majorca and he helped get the band out of trouble. What he did for the Stones was that he was able to transition their funds and allow the band to create their own record label and move to the south of France in order to regain focus on their career and music,

This was probably the very first high profile tax exile that was ever reported in Britain, and it certainly was not the last. This move to France changed the band completely and, essentially turned them into the legendary band that they are today.

Loewenstein died after a long illness on May 20, he was 80 years old. This was reported by Music Week and confirmed by his family.

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