Robbie Williams Skipped Tribute Celebration His Hometown Organized


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It seems pop star Robbie Williams had better things to do than to attend a ceremony held in his honour at his British hometown, so he sent his father instead.

The Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent was probably disappointed to find out that the popular singer wasn’t coming, after he had prepared a ceremony to pay a tribute to Williams for his 40th birthday next week. The Mayor also unveiled a blue panel on the street where Robbie grew up. In addition, Robbie was supposed to receive the key to the city.

However, Robbie’s father Pete attended the ceremony and read a statement that was written by his son.

He wrote, “I’m proud to come from Stoke-on-Trent. I’m extremely honoured and grateful that you think it is fitting to give me this recognition. PS: My daughter’s first word was Mummy. Her second was duck! She’s a Stokie!”

For those who don’t understand, “duck” is a common term of sweet talk used in the British region where Stoke is located.

Williams said that he missed the ceremony held in his honour because his wife had made plans for the whole week preceding his birthday celebration. Still, man. A little effort was possible. Gees. Whipped, anyone…?

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