Rita Ora Celebrates Hit Song By Stripping Down



Pop star Rita Ora posted an almost naked picture of her to celebrate and mark her new U.K. number one single.

The 23-year old singer’s song, I Will Never let You Down, has hit the top of the U.K. iTunes chart.

Rita took to her Instagram.com page to post a photo of her celebrating and thanking her fans for showing her support.

In the picture, Rita is clad only in black and white underwear by Calvin Klein, while she shows off a large “1” penned across her back written with red lipstick.

The famous singer is holding her hair high up, and the side of her left breast can be seen, while the caption of the photo reads, “#iwillneverletyoudown it’s because of you!! BOTS (fans)!!! Thank you #uvealwaysgotmyback.”

Rita is becoming a pretty controversial persona in show business, after treating fans to a striptease during a show at G-A-Y.

The star’s sexy performance treated her fans to a form of striptease as Rita took off her smart suit, one item at a time.

Eventually, she stripped down to just her boxers, bra and the Christian Louboutin boots she was wearing as she arrived. She also wore her bright white shirt tied around her waist.

After the sexy show the star was seen heading back to the A-list crowd wearing another outfit, this time choosing a vibrant long frock.

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