Ramsay’s Restaurants Still Going Strong Despite £1 Million Loss!



Gordon Ramsay is one the most renowned chefs on the planet and he has a restaurant empire to show for it. If you are a gourmet cook, plain out curious, dined in one of his fine restaurants, or at least tried making a reservation there, you know who we are talking about.

Kavalake, Remsay’s firm, has spread its roots all over the globe, and you can find over ten Ramsay’s restaurants in London alone, not to mention in cities such as Las Vegas, Singapore and more. The chef’s empire is currently grossing over £50 million, but also notes losses of £1 million. This circumstance shouldn’t worry this celebrity chef though, seeing that, in spite of losing one million pounds, the records show turnover increase of more than twelve percent. Not too shabby, one might say.

All over the world, Ramsay is known as a sharp tongued cooking genius who managed to turn everything he touched into gold. Even though he is sometimes plain out cruel, people love him as he represents a breath of fresh air in a sea of lukewarm opinions.

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