Professor Green’s Tour Is off



British rapper Professor Green has called off his U.K. tour only weeks before it was due to start.

He should have hit the road in May for his scheduled 12-date trek, but he has postponed the concerts until the end of the year.

Professor made an announcement in a video message he posted on for his fans, saying, “I’m gonna be back on the road in November. All tickets for the May tour will still be valid and I can’t wait to see you little f**kers. It’s been a long time coming.”

He then took the time to joke about his recent legal problems, adding, “Hopefully I won’t get arrested between now and then.”

His life is anything but ordinary. On May 24 2013, Professor Green was crushed between two Mercedes cars while travelling to perform a live show at Hartpury College in Gloucester.

He was thought to have broken his leg, but soon returned to appear at Harper Adams University in Shropshire.

He showed up after just three weeks followed by a long set at Glastonbury during the last weekend in June, including running along the front of the audience.

The 30 year old rapper, real name Stephen Manderson, was recently banned from the roads for a year after a drunk-driving charge stemming from his arrest in November 2013.

Green‘s tour was due to start in Newcastle, England on May 10 2014.

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