Prince Harry Injured: “Antarctica Bit me On The A**”



Challenging South Pole trek was simply too much for Prince Harry, who admitted demanding urgent medical attention last year. He allegedly suffered altitude sickness, exhaustion and dehydration.

Prince Harry joined the Walking With the Wounded charity mission, along with actors Alexander Skarsgard and Dominic West, as well as teams of wounded soldiers and the crew. They reached the Antarctic on December 13th.

However, the British royal was left in crippling pain and seeking help from doctors. In an upcoming episode of Harry’s South Pole Heroes, he revealed, “Antarctica jumped up and bit me on the a**.”

He later added, “If you show a weakness to Antarctica, I think it exploits it. And I think it will slowly grind you down until you have the utmost respect for it, which I now have.”

“I thought I could come out here and just crack on and see it through without any issues, make sure I’m here for the guys (fellow adventurers) when they need me.”

“I’m frustrated and disappointed in myself, but it really does prove how physically and mentally tough these guys are.”

The charity team faced a series of problems during their 200-mile trek, including weather conditions that delayed progress and threatened to wreck the adventure.

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