Peaches Geldof Was Warned About Junk Food Diet



Tragically deceased Peaches Geldof credited her weight loss to a diet change following health warnings from doctors.

Bob Geldof’s daughter was found dead in Kent, England on Monday, April 7. The cause of her sudden death is still unknown as the tests are still being carried on. She was found in her home.

Prior to her death, she has revealed that the dramatic weight loss is actually a result of her abandoning junk food diet after medics’ have warned her. She therefore, shrugged off the rumours of an eating disorder in 2011.

She also admitted she would often indulge herself in burgers, pizza and fries. She was soon shocked into slimming down when doctors explained the risks and the effects that diet has on her heart.
In an interview with Britain’s The Sun newspaper, Geldof said:

“I had cholesterol and the doctors said stop eating s**t. So I did. If you stop eating pizza and chips you then don’t look like you used to. Do I really look that thin? Let’s be honest. How did I do it? I just stopped eating McDonald’s and f**king s**t every day.”
“I used to wake up with my boyfriend and eat c**p. I had the heart of a 90-year-old gangster… People are like, ‘Peaches is scary and anorexic’. Not really. It’s ridiculous.”

On April 10, the news came that her body is released to her family to give them time to arrange funeral plans for her.

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