Orlando Bloom Insists He And Erica Packer Are Just Friends



After Orlando Bloom split with Miranda Kerr, she has been rumored to be dating their mutual friend James Packer. And, because that’s not complicated enough, Bloom was recently spotted hugging James’ ex-wife Erica on holiday in Ibiza.

However, despite their photos from Ibiza, the popular actor claims they are just good mates.

He told the Sunday Telegraph that their relationship might seem strange, but insisted they aren’t dating.

“It probably looks odd but we are all mates, we have all known each other for a long time. I’ve known Erica for a long time, we are great mates. She is a great girl.”

In addition, Bloom’s ex Miranda recently told the Sunday Times that she and James are also friends.

“James and I are friends, but people want to make a story, the public want to put me with someone. I know the truth, I am single, and the people that are important to me know the truth, and that is all.”

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