Olly Murs Hurt During Soccer Game



British pop star Olly Murs was hit in the face during an energetic soccer game.

The singer loves sports and is a very keen athlete. He also takes part in charity soccer games often, but this time, he was hit in the face when a fellow player accidentally struck him.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness who saw the incident said it “’looked painful’”, and while the star “’tried to laugh it off’” and he was clearly finding it difficult.

The insider added, ‘”It looked painful. One of the other players hit him hard in the noise with his elbow. Olly got up straight away and tried to laugh it off but there was a lot of blood.”

“’He carried on playing but you could see he was struggling. I wouldn’t be surprised if he needs surgery as it definitely looked broken.”

Murs took to Twitter.com to announce the injury on Friday, April 18. He made a joke about the accident, and appears to blame his friend Ricky Finnigan. He revealed he also feared he might have a broken nose.

He wrote,


He later told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, “My nose is bleeding quite a lot after someone swung elbows during football. I think my nose could actually be broken, it’s definitely really bad.”

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