Nicole Scherzinger’s Not Coming Back to the X-Factor



Simon Cowell probably won’t be happy to find out that one of his UK panel judges has quit X-Factor, soon after the US version was cancelled. According to reports, pop singer Nicole Scherzinger has withdrawn from Britain’s The X-Factor judging panel. The singer seemingly wants to focus on her music career again.

Nicole started her “judging” career in the former American X-Factor after which she was transferred to the British version of the show in 2012, where she stayed for two seasons. Meanwhile, Cheryl Cole was transferred to the US from the UK.

The Sun wrote that she won’t be coming back for the 11th season of the show.

A source added, “It breaks her heart, but Nicole is sad not to be able to go back to the show this year. She has agonised over this decision for months. She has put her music career on hold last year but now she has to focus on her music.”

If everything goes as planned, the music mogul will take the place on the panel with former judge Cheryl, who was fired from the US show before it even started.

In 2011, Sherzinger debuted with her solo album Killer Love, and now she’s signed a new multi-million dollar deal in hopes of returning to the charts.

Speaking of her, Simon said, “She will always be part of the X Factor family.”

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