Morrissey Considering Lawsuit Against Several British Newspapers’ Editors



After British newspaper editors alleged that Morrissey had been molested by a school teacher, the famous singer is considering filing a lawsuit.

In October 2013, Morrissey published his autobiography which immediately became a bestseller in UK but received mixed reviews. The former The Smits singer, as part of the book, described a disturbing period of his life during school days in Manchester.

In search for publicity, several British newspapers’ editors highlighted his alleged incident with a teacher when he was still in school, publishing that he was “touched inappropriately”.

The pop star is adamant the allegation is false, and is consulting lawyers for one of the articles that was published in the Manchester Evening News.

An announcement displayed on the star’s official fan website states, “The Manchester Evening News has stated on 17 October 2013 that Morrissey claims he was “touched inappropriately by a teacher at school”. Morrissey has never made such a claim… Morrissey is seeking legal advice on this matter.”

This is not the first time Morrissey has considered legal actions over controversial issues. In 2011, he attempted to sue NME Magazine for an interview from 2007 that portrayed him as a racist. In the High Court he said that he was still suffering reputation damage from the interview he gave four years ago when he complained about immigration expansion.

In one of the declarations he stated, “I’m obviously delighted with this victory and the clearing of my name in public, where it’s loud and clear for all to hear. The NME have calculatedly tried to damage my integrity and label me as a racist.”

What’s more, in 2008, Morrissey received an apology for the “racism slur” article from the magazine The Word. The Court ruled in the singer’s favour over criticism that his album apparently made him out to be a xenophobe and a hypocrite.

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