More Celebrity Babies: Natasha And Ritchie Are Expecting



British pop stars Natasha Hamilton and her partner, also singer Ritchie Neville have announced they are expecting a child.

The couple began dating in 2013, sometime after their bands ‘The Atomic Kitten’ and ‘5ive’ united on U.K. TV series The Big Reunion. This event re-launched very popular acts from 1990s and 2000s.

They have now announced Hamilton is expecting, and she happily advocates the news about her pregnancy came as a surprise after her 2013 health problems.

She told Britain’s OK! Magazine, “I was shocked and overwhelmed – this wasn’t planned! It’s a complete miracle because I had cysts on my ovaries last year and the specialist had to remove them.”

Despite the exciting news, the pair is in no rush to get married just yet, and the auburn beauty told the magazine, “We’ve talked about marriage before – but there’s no rush.”

Natasha also said she has suffered awful morning sickness and added, “After the first scan I could breathe – Ritchie went into panic mode.”

Her partner told OK!, “I want to be a hands-on dad. Tash will be feeding the baby and I’ll be feeding her sandwiches.”

The 34-year-old singer also added “Natasha’s stuck with me forever now, no matter what happens!”

The newborn will be Hamilton’s fourth child as she has a son with her estranged husband Riad Erraji, and two other sons from previous relationships.

For Neville, this will be his first child.

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