Monty Python Crew Parting Ways After Reunion Shows



Just a month after legendary comedy troupe Monty Python announced their reunion, the bad news came.

The veteran comedians came together last year to announce plans for their money-spinning reunion shows this summer, but a member of the crew, Michael Palin, revealed there are no plans for further cooperation.

After the series of gigs at the O2 Arena ends, the comedians are parting ways.

Palin said, “It is entirely about money. I have only one wife, but John Cleese has had a few and Terry Jones has got a mortgage problem. I haven’t got a huge amount (of money) stashed away. After the final concert we will all embrace and go our separate ways.”

In a recent interview, Terry Gilliam revealed,

“We had to get together to decide what to do. We decided to change our management. We suddenly realised that we had a big debt – and the idea came up that we could make some quick money by going back on stage; and that’s what happened.”

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