Miley Cyrus Covers The Smiths on Tour



It seems that Miley Cyrus is on a mission to try and anger as many people as possible. Today, she has set her sights on fans of the legendary band The Smiths. According to reports coming from her current Bangerz World Tour, she covered the Smiths’ classic song There is A Light That Never Goes Out while playing a show in Belfast.

We are sure that The Smiths lead singer Morrissey is not a fan of Cyrus, and there is a good chance that just about all of the band’s and Morrissey’s fans don’t think much of Cyrus either. They will probably like her even less after they hear the cover version of hers.

It seems that she wanted to have everyone know about it, because she took out her smartphone on stage and took a picture of herself while performing the song. Cyrus seems to love covering classic rock songs, much to the dismay of many music fans.

She does a lot of covers on tour it seems. She has recently covered The Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. This song was performed in Manchester. However, in London she performed two covers. One was a song by the Arctic Monkey’s and the other was a Bob Dylan song.

Classic rock fans really wish that she wouldn’t cover these songs, because most don’t like the cover versions. However, some are happy because she is showing these old bands to a new and younger crowd that might never have heard of them before.

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