Michelle Heaton’s Son Has Meningitis



British pop star Michelle Heaton had a bad weekend April 5-6th, when her five-week old son was admitted to hospital. He was diagnosed with viral meningitis.

‘The Liberty X’ star and her Irish businessman husband, Hugh Hanley, welcomed their second child in February 2014. Heaton has given birth to Aaron, a younger brother to the couple’s daughter Faith, a two-year old.

Heaton announced her fears for her son on her Twitter profile on Saturday April 5th, saying, “The last 24 hours has been the worst and scariest in my life… With everything I’ve been through mentally and physically nothing… I mean… nothing compares to that of when your baby is sick. Our beautiful baby boy has been very looked after in hospital after being diagnosed… with viral meningitis… And reflux disease just to top it off.”

She expressed her concerns over Aaron suffering from viral meningitis, by also explaining, “He’s fighting strong & taking the antibiotics well so far… But at only… 5 weeks old one can only imagine our… distress as parents. He’s very sick and in pain with the reflux. The hospital are… amazing and he’s well looked after… Hopefully we will be able to take our little man home soon… I’m sure we will.”

After numerous posts on Sunday, she added, “Thank you all for your messages of support. We have read them all, and it means allot (sic) .. So thank you.”

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