Michelle Collins Tried To Take Her Own Life



British actress Michelle Collins once attempted suicide using pills after finding herself in the state of deep depression.

The actress, mostly famed for her portrayals in soap operas EastEnders and Coronation Street, revealed she had hit rock bottom once before. The incident happened after a break up from Fabrizio Tassalini, while she was working in Spain on a comedy Prickly Heart in the 1990s.

After a random younger man insulted the way she looked after a night out, she said that she came home and took pills with the purpose to end her own life. She wrote a book called This Is Me, where she states, “The question that kept going through my mind was, ‘Would anybody miss me if I wasn’t here?’ Foolishly I somehow decided no one would.”

“When I think about what I did now it all sounds very melodramatic, but I guess that’s the nature of depression. How low must I have been to do something like that? It was unthinkable.”

One of her co-stars then had taken her to the hospital where she spent four days recovering from the incident. Here, she had enough time to rethink her life decisions.

She states, “The doctors decided it was best if they kept me in hospital on a drip. They told me I was very severely dehydrated and unwell.”

“This turn of events turned out to be ¬something of a blessing for me. I’ve never really told anyone else until now. I remember thinking somebody up there must like me.”

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