Mel B Was Interested In Women Before Getting Married



Former Spice Girl Mel B has confessed she was sexually interested in women for several years before marrying her husband Stephen Belafonte in 2007. 

Although she has admitted that she experimented with women, the 39-year-old X Factor judge insists that she was never a lesbian.

“I would not call it that. I was just one of those ladies. Now I’m happily married.”

The mother of three also revealed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear during the interview and added that she likes to doodle rude sketches while filming The X Factor.

“I do drawings of stuff that get me into trouble a lot. I show it off to Cheryl and she laughs and I show it to Louis and he goes, ‘Wow, yeah.’ I will have to ban myself from having paper now as you now all bloody know.”

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