Max Clifford’s Ex-Wife Reveals Shocking Details About Their Marriage



Jo Westwood, who was granted a quick divorce from Max Clifford, broke down in tears during an interview on This Morning while she was talking about her marriage with the convicted sex offender.

She said that she caught him having telephone sex in their room while they were on their honeymoon.

“We were on the beach one day and he said he needed to go back to the room and he went back. He was gone for some time and something in my tummy just didn’t feel right. I went back to the room and got back to the door and he was clearly on the phone and I heard him making a phone call of a sexual nature. And it just was devastating really. To begin with, he denied it. I said ‘Look Max, I can tell you what I heard word for word’. And he then said he was sorry it was just a game.”

Clifford also convinced Jo that she was going mad and that nothing was wrong. To make things worse, he even wooed other women in the lead-up to his trial.  Because of all that, Westwood decided not to go to court to support him.

“I had thought about it seriously, about going, because I knew it would be better for him if I was there. But in the lead-up to the trial his behavior continued, he continued to wine and dine these girls and I just thought he is showing me no respect at all.”

Finally, Jo revealed that Clifford kept a bin bag of pornographic photographs in their house.

“Some of them had faces, but a lot of them didn’t. They were sexual. And when I said to him ‘How did you get all of these?’, he would say ‘I just used to be able to get women to do whatever I wanted’.”

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