Max Clifford Facing Jail Over Sex Assaults



Celebrity publicist Max Clifford is facing jail time after he was convicted of eight sex assaults on Monday, April 28.

The public relations mogul whose clients include Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali, Simon Cowell, and Marlon Brando, allegedly used his status as a cover to abuse young women.

His attacks date back to the 1960s.

Clifford has, however, denied the allegations, telling Southwark Crown Court in south London that his accusers were all liars and had made up the incidents.

On Monday, the 10-strong jury found Clifford guilty of all eight charges of indecent assault.
He was cleared of two other indecent assault charges.

Max is due to be sentenced on Friday, May 2.

Phil Hall, who was editor of the News of the World from 1995 to 2000, said, “He understood newspapers better than most.”

“It was a time when papers were spending a lot of money on stories and he happened to ride that wave.”

“He understood what made a good story and what was necessary to corroborate it. And he was a real master at squeezing the lemon dry.”

“Any time he did a story, he wouldn’t place it in a paper once. It would appear for the next six months in different forms. So he was really good at getting the last buck out of an opportunity. And he was the first to do that.”

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