Maggie Smith Stays With Downton Abbey



Fans of Dame Maggie Smith can finally breathe as Downton Abbey producers rejected rumours claiming the actress is quitting the show. Producers assured fans the well-known actress is keeping her place in the cast for the fifth season, and possibly longer.

Recent rumours suggested the 79-year old, who plays the Dowager Countess of Grantham, decided to withdraw during the upcoming fifth season because she apparently had grown tired of the chaotic work schedule.

Gareth Neame, the executive producer, confirmed the veteran actress intends to stay on the show. He said to The Hollywood Reporter, “Maggie Smith will be in the show as long as she wants to do it. She’ll be back this coming season. She’s a huge part of the show, and I think she enjoys doing it. I think it’s remarkable for someone who’s had such a long and illustrious career to be still delivering work of this calibre.”

In a recent interview, Maggie told Daily Mail, “I think that the date for that [retiring] has gone by. I fear that I won’t work in the theatre again. I’m sad about that. But I won’t retire. I think I’ll keep going with Violet and whatever other old biddy comes along.”

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