Love Before Everything: Reader Stay By Sick Husband’ Side



Singer Eddie Reader recently transformed her kitchen into a studio only to stay near her ill husband.

Reader, the former Fairground Attraction, married John Douglas in June 2013 and soon after, their lives have changed. John was diagnosed with autoimmune disease ulcerative colitis, just six months after they’ve been married.

Even though Eddie wanted to come back to work and support her family, she made the choice to stay by her sick husband’s side, instead of leaving him to start working on her new 10th album Vagabundo.

She told Britain’s Daily Record newspaper, “I married John in June 2013 and he got ill six months later. It is a very serious thing which we had to deal with but he is recovering from it.”

“He had to have a part of his body removed. I was trying to get a record done. I used the song writing and recording to escape from the reality I was living in, which was the worry about my husband and the family and how I was going to support it all… I was worried about what I would do without my husband’s support because I had the house and the kids to look after as well as making the album.”

“I decided to build a studio in my house. We built it in my basement kitchen. I had the drummer up by the fish tank. I was in the toilet singing. The bass player was out by the shelves in the living room and the guitarist was on the couch by the telly.”

She insists Douglas is now recovering, but still needs to face more surgery, “He’s getting better. He has got another two operations then hopefully he will be through it. The next operation is the touch and go one. It’ll either work or it won’t. Beyond that we’re hoping it will be home sailing.” 

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