Louis Tomlinson’s Childhood Football Dream Comes True



Sport injuries often have calamitous effects on a player’s career, but One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson was lucky enough to fully recover.

Well, he doesn’t actually have a football career but he’s a huge fan.

The famous singer is about to play for the British football team Doncaster Rovers on Wednesday.

Last year, Louis ended up in the team’s reserve squad and was supposed to appear in a reserves match last September. However, the charity match in Scotland didn’t go as planned and Louis got seriously injured.

Nevertheless, Tomlinson’s ready to finally fulfil his childhood dream when he steps out on the pitch this Wednesday against rivals Rotherham United.

Shaun Lockwood, Doncaster Rovers spokesperson, told the Press Association, “We’ve built a relationship with Louis over the last two years and last summer we announced he had signed for us and would play in a development game… When his schedule allows he comes to watch us, because he supports the team, and he’s been here a few times for training sessions ahead of the game.”

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