Lindsay Lohan Moving To U.K.?



According to a U.K. report, Lindsay Lohan is currently looking for a home in London.

She has been seen at numerous of parties and events in the British capital recently. Now reports suggest she is actually planning to move there permanently.

A source told British newspaper The Sun, “Lindsay’s really enjoying being in the U.K. and has told her pals that she’s staying here for good… her brother and sister have both visited her and when she finds a suitable place, one of them will move in with her here.”

The star, who was living in New York, now hopes to move will start over her movie career, which was violently stopped due to her legal issues and personal troubles.

The source added, “Lindsay has also started investigating getting acting work in London. Her career isn’t in a great place but she thinks finding roles could boost it.”

Earlier in May reports suggested Lohan is also looking to revive her music career.

This move may be good for Lohan, who recently revealed that she had a miscarriage that she is still struggling with mentally and emotionally.

Lohan revealed the miscarriage while filming her self-titled OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) reality show Lindsay.

Cameras followed Lohan around as she struggled to deal with getting over her addictions and habits.

During the show she talked about how she wanted to recover and how much she feared going back to her old ways.

After the show, she admitted that she had a miscarriage while filming and that she was still dealing with the physical and mental pain it had taken on her.

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