Lily Allen Releases Bizarre New Music Video



Lily Allen’s video for her new single “Our Time” is quite unique.

The singer kisses herself, fights and vomits after a night out clubbing as part of a video for the third single from her upcoming album Sheezus.

Allen’s video is set in the back of a black London taxi where the singer’s joined by other characters with whom she dances, smokes and drinks in the back of the cab. Interestingly, all three characters are played by her.

Things become really weird after Allen gets in a fist fight with her alter-ego dressed up as a hot dog. The “Allens” start a fight outside a fast food restaurant that ends up with the police intervening.

The peak of the video is when Allen has a girl-on-girl make out session, after where she vomits in her purse.

Allen recently expressed that she doesn’t see a necessity for feminism to be an issue in 2014, stating that “everyone is equal in the modern world and that women are their own worst enemy.”

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