Lily Allen Isn’t Concerned With PETA Criticism



Lily Allen proved that she doesn’t actually care who was offended with her performance, especially if they were animal rights activists. Namely, Allen ignored all criticism she received for her latest pop promo. Not cool Lily, not cool.

Her upcoming single “Air Balloon” is scheduled for release next month, but the accompanying video to the song appeared at the beginning of this month, February.

In the controversial video, which was recorded near Cape Town in South Africa, Allen’s hanging out with exotic animals, including riding a zebra. However, her promo was criticized by executives of the non-governmental organization People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, whose representative was furious with the star for utilizing animals as “props or transportation”.

Interestingly, Lily admitted not being concerned with the critique. She told the Daily Star newspaper, “You’re always going to annoy someone so it doesn’t really bother me.”

A PETA spokesperson said last week, “Zebras aren’t props or transportation. When the director yelled ‘cut’ Lily could go home, but that zebra will probably spend his life being hired out for humans’ financial gain.”

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