Lily Allen Criticised For Using Exotic Animals In Music Video



According to recent news, British pop star Lily Allen didn’t expect the consequences of her music videos. Just the other day, Allen found herself criticised by PETA executives for including a number of exotic animals in her music video.

It seems, stroking a cheetah and riding a zebra in South Africa for her “Air Balloon” video wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Even though Lily’s summer-vibe song might be perfect for cold times, members of PETA didn’t find the video, filmed in Cape Town where Lily’s hanging out with exotic creatures, very appealing.

A PETA spokesperson told Britain’s Daily Star, “Zebras aren’t props or transportation. When the director yelled ‘cut’ Lily could go home, but that zebra will probably spend his life being hired out for humans’ financial gain.”

However, this wasn’t the first time celebrities have outraged members of PETA. Katy Perry also came under fire for featuring elephants and tigers in her music video for “Roar”.
We’re still not sure whether their critique has had any influence, but at least they’re trying.

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