Lily Allen Can’t Watch GOT After Brother’s Horrible Scene



British pop star Lilly Allen struggles to watch the hit fantasy series Game Of Thrones. She watched the scene where her brother gets mutilated and it had a deep impact on her.

Her brother, Alfie Allen, portrays Theon Greyjoy in a small screen adaptation on George R.R. Martin’s bestselling books. Male viewers were left in pain during a gruesome scene in the third season when her brother in real life gets mutilated and his penis cut off.

Lilly has now revealed she has found it very difficult to watch the show ever since. She said,

“I love the show and I’m so proud of him but I can’t bear the thought of my brother without a penis.”

“When he told me it was happening I was fine with it. Then, when I saw it, I just crossed my legs, turned away and tried not to even listen.”

Her brother recently discussed his character’s harsh journey on the series with Entertainment Weekly. He revealed that the fan reaction for the third season was “really just empathy, although people who were close to me did tend to have a laugh. People did say, ‘It’s so hard to watch,’ and as an actor that’s something you want to hear. I find that a compliment.” 

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