Liam Neeson Continues To Fight For Horses’ Rights



Liam Neeson is taking his support of New York City’s horse-drawn carriages to new level. The star is now voicing a short film celebrating the controversial tourist attraction.

He has been recently embroiled in a dispute with Mayor Bill de Blasio over the plans to remove the carriages and replace them with vintage cars.

He has even faced protests from animal rights fanatics outside his home in the Big Apple. However, he is refusing to back down and has now narrated a new film about the attraction carriages and their link to the city.

In the movie, Neeson says, “When man filmed the first moving images he turned the camera on something deeply familiar: a companion that had been by his side for thousands of years. And when he built ships and roads and cities they did the work side by side. Now their work together is mostly forgotten and only a rare few of of us still carry forward that ancient bond.”

Award-winning directors, screen writers and film producers Mary Haverstick and Michele Mercure decided to make this short film from their offices in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County, after getting drawn into the ongoing debate.

“It became a labor of love. When we started interviewing people, it became much larger. This issue has more connections than people realize . . . quite a few will be affected if there’s a ban,” Mercure said.

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